Wednesday 9th August 2000

Wednesday 9th August 2000

Grace’s Journal

Rachel left at 6.30 am to walk round Lake Louise. I was too tired to go with her!! However, I got up early and finished writing my cards, then washed and dressed and walked down to the lake. Saw Rachel so she sat down and I walked about 100 yards. Enough to make me want my breakfast – have been having a continental breakfast, cereal, marmalade or jam on a roll and then absolutely lovely fruit!! This morning got cheese and pastries for our lunch!

We left the hotel at 10.00am and drove through the Banff National Park, a really lovely drive in the morning sun. We saw elk feeding with young and I took a photo and hopefully it will come out OK. We turned off to the Sulphur Mountain and took the gondola to the plateau. From there we walked up steps, then on to the promenade until we got to the summit. Lovely views to the Bow River, Falls and a golf course. Rachel had Tom’s binoculars and we viewed the mountains around us almost encircling Sulphur  Mountain.

We walked back and of course visited the gift shop!! We descended in the gondola and found ourselves on terra firma once more. We bought some orange juice and coke and sat with an American who was 80 and he was waiting for his wife who had gone on up. He was very interesting and we talked of the war and the American part on it. He said Hitler would have conquered the world!

We drove into Banff and of course did some shopping and found The Hudson Bay Store which pleased me and I virtually finished buying gifts for friends and family. Banff was quite busy. We then drove back through the Banff National Park, stopping on the way to walk through the pine woods. It was lovely with the sun shining through trees giving shadows. The walk was to the Johnston Canyon, water rushing down a a great force. We eventually reached the falls some 100 feet high, walked over a bridge to a tunnel through the rocks and on to an iron guarded viewing platform – the force of water was splashing onto us.

Back down to the car, on we drove. Rachel, this morning, saw a statue on the opposite side of the road. It was of a man. I read the inscription. An Eastern European pioneer during the 1914-1918 war was interned as he was reckoned to be pro German and he died and this was dedicated to him and the other Europeans who were interned. Our next stop was at Bakers Creek. We parked there and enjoyed being by the river which was still fast flowing. We sat on rocks and bathed our feet.

Back to the Deer Lodge, we had dinner on the terrace, a very friendly Canadian boy looking after us. A person that Rachel went white water rafting with came over to us and by coinidence they were staying at Deer Lodge too. I went down to the Lake to read a dedication.

Rachel’s Journal

Got up at 6.30 and went for a walk on my own to the end of Lake Louise and back. About 4.5km. Mum met me at the start. Back to the lodge and I had cooked breakfast – elk, cranberry sausage, eggs, bacon and potato.

Drove on the scenic route to Banff about 60km but some parts only allowed to go 30kmh because of wildlife. Saw lots of elk. A lovely road. Drove to Sulphur Mountain and went up in gondola to top. Then climbed steps to the very top – 7786ft high. Views all round. Binoculars very useful. Had an ice cream and drink. Phoned Dad and then went into Banff. A nice town but quite busy today. Hot today.

Drove back on scenic route again. Stopped at Johnston Canyon and walked about 1.3km to lower falls. Went in cave to get better view. Walked back to car my feet hurt today – due to long walk this morning. Found a creek – Baker Creek and sat and read my book with feet in freezing water. No-one else around.

Back to hotel and I went on the roof to hot tub and sat on the sun lounger for an hour. Lovely. Had supper of grilled chicken. Phoned Gladys again and then sat in lounge and read. Mum went down to Lake Louise again. Read book in bed and fell asleep about 10.00pm.