Thursday 10th August 2000

Thursday 10th August 2000

Grace’s Journal

I didn’t sleep too well, even so, I got up quite early and started to pack – seems to be more to cram in my case than I brought!! Rachel also packed hers and so we had a late breakfast. We both had full breakfasts, the first I have had on this tour. It was really too much for me and I really felt unwell afterwards!! We returned to our room and finished packing and making sure nothing was left.

After settling our account, both of us by travellers cheques we drove up to Lake Morraine. Rachel wanted to sit and relax as she has a long drive back to Jasper today and tomorrow we drive North of Edmonton to see Gladys and Harry Phelan – Gladys is a relation of Tom’s mother and is a close relative to Derek and Sybil Coombes, so Rachel has some long distance driving to do.

I decided to walk round the perimeter of the lake and I really enjoyed it, not too hot and only the sound of water running into the lake and the birds singing broke the silence. Joined Rachel and we visited the gift shop. I bought playing cards, some herbal bath salts and a film. I think I am on my 6th roll of film!! Shows how beautiful the Rockies are and the photos will bring back happy memories.

We then drove into Lake Louise village – I had Tom’s letter and cards checked at the PO and I had to pay 54 cents more for postage so I was pleased that I did do that. Bought several small things to take home and Rachel bought eats. We then returned to the car and to drive to the Sawbridge Hotel in Jasper.

We joined the road through Banff National Park and then onto the Trans Canadian Highway. Canada’s roadways are such that driving is much easier than in Europe. We had such a huge breakfast that we didn’t stop for lunch. Eventually after looking for somewhere to relax, We saw a notice for the Five Lakes Valley and we decided to take the track. It was quite a hazardous walk through forest paths, up and down quite steep hills, we came to our first lake and from then on it was really beautiful, the water changing colour and all the five lakes within quite a small distance . I photographed each lake and they will tell their own story. Next stop Sawbridge Hotel. We registered and were given a ground floor room, very nice. The first thing I did was to have a shower, having got very hot in the Five Lakes Valley.

We soon went down for dinner in the dining room, not the lounge!! I had salmon and Rachel had chicken and a  dessert. I had coffee. Back in our room I wrote a card to Dennis and Enid and then this, my journal.

Rachel’s Journal

Read book in bed until about 8.30am. Very relaxing. Went down to breakfast about Had same as yesterday.

Checked out and drove to Moraine Lake. I sat on the bench and mum went for a walk. Went into gift shop and bought a few things. Drove into Lake Louise –very small. Got gas and headed up Icefields Parkway to Jasper. Stopped at Valley of 5 Lakes and went for a hike about 6km. Some steep and narrow paths.

Got into Sawbridge Hotel about 6.20. I had chicken risotto. Watched TV until about 12.00. Slept well.