Facts And Figures

Alberta is located in the west of Canada. British Columbia is to the west and Saskatchewan to the east. To the north you will find the Northwest Territories and to the south is the US state of Montana.

Alberta and Saskatchewan are the only landlocked provinces in Canada. The capital city is Edmonton, Which is located approximately at the geographic centre of the province. Edmonton is the most northerly major city in Canada.

Calgary is the largest city and is a major commerce centre of Canada. Both Edmonton and Calgary now have a population of over 1 million people. Alberta has a population of 3,290,000. Calgary is located approximately 280 kilometres (170 mi) south of Edmonton and 240 kilometres (150 mi) north of Montana, surrounded by ranching country. 75% of the province’s population lives in either Calgary, Edmonton and between the two major cities.

Alberta is named in honor of the fourth daughter of Queen Victoria, Princess Louise Caroline Alberta, whose husband was then governor-general of Canada.

Alberta covers an area of 661,848 square kilometres (255,541 sq mi), an area about 20% larger than France. The province extends 1,223 kilometres (760 mi) north to south and 660 kilometres (410 mi) east to west at its maximum width. Its highest point is 3,747 metres (12,290 ft) at the summit of Mount Columbia.

Alberta contains numerous rivers and lakes which are used for swimming, water skiing, fishing and a whole range of water sports.

The longest River is in Alberta is the Athabasca River which travels 1,538 km (956miles) from the Columbia Icefield in the Rocky Mountains to Lake Athabasca.

Alberta is second to British Columbia as the most westernmost province. Alberta includes part of the Canadian Rockies and along with British Columbia has a lot to offer visitors.

Banff is a great holiday destination in the Rockies and offers a wide variety of outdoor activities.
Jasper is north to Banff but has equally stunning scenery and the journey between the two is of stunning scenery.