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Tuesday 8th August 2000

Tuesday 8th August 2000

Grace’s Journal

Up reasonably early to pack and have breakfast. We left after settling our account including paying over $18 for our telephone call to Tom via Caroline!! Rachel called in at the store which organised the white water rafting and collected her selection of photos.

We then started our journey to Lake Louise where we are spending the next two nights. An interesting journey broken several times to see places of special interest. The first was Sunwapta Falls on the river that Rachel did her white water rafting – a very fast flowing river.

The next stop was the Columbian and Athabasca Icefields. We went round the exhibition telling the story of the Icefields and of them receding. The mountains are are the highest in the Rockies. Rachel and I started walking towards the Icefields but it was too much for me so I sat down and watched the multitude climbing. Rachel was successful and actually stood on the Icefield.

We then drove on to Lake Peyto, coloured by the “rock flour” a really beautiful sapphire blue – seen to be believed, We stopped for lunch at a designated site and by the river were tables so we enjoyed our picnic. On leaving we came across 10 goats and their young running all over the road quite fearless of the danger,however we managed to evade them.

It was approx 5.00pm when we found Deer Lodge at Lake Louise, first going into the village then onto the lake. Fortunately as we were aproaching the lake we saw the hotel standing on the high. We booked in- very pleased with our appartment more of the “old School” of hotels, not modern as we have had on our tour – perhaps it is because the Rockies are so very popular now and they have to cater for so many people from all over the world. We settled in and changed and went down for a meal which we had on the terrace. Very nice service and menus. We then walked down to the lake, hardly 5 minutes from our hotel. Another beautiful gem of the Rockies.

Rachel’s Journal

Had continental breakfast again. Went into Jasper to get my photos then filled up with gas again. Left hotel and drove down Icefields Parkway.

Stopped at Sunwapta Falls then onto Columbian Icefields. Went into Icefields Centre. Packed. Had a drink and then looked at exhibition. Decided not to go on sno coach but to walk on the glacier. We both started out but it was too steep, rocky and the altitude made it difficult to climb. Mum stopped halfway but I continued to the top in my shorts! Got to glacier and walked on it for a short distance.

Drove on down Parkway and stopped for a quick lunch at a lovely rest place by the river. Got into Lake Louise about 5.00. The Hotel – Deer lodge is 2 minutes walk from the lake. Had dinner pasta with meat and a pudding. Then I had a rest and we walked to Lake Louise. Bed at about 9.30.