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Monday 7th August 2000

Monday 7th August 2000

Grace’s Journal

Rachel going white water rafting this morning. Rachel woke me up about 6.30am this morning and I had to rush around to get ready for my tour. I decided not to have breakfast here so just had fruit juice and a bun that Rachel had rescued from help yourself breakfast.

There were only 7 of us on the tour , mother and two children from Taiwan and a husband, wife and their elderly parents from Bombay – they were making a world tour including England – London and Lake District, Canada and then going on to Alaska. Those from Taiwan were here for 5 weeks. Mother and Father were teachers. It was a friendly tour-photos taken and addresses exchanged.

We first went to Jasper Tramway and 5 went up a Mountain.  I decided not to go. I had a cup of coffee and wondered around. On their return we went to Lake Patricia and Pyramid then to Maligne Canyon all of which Rachel and I did yesterday, even so I did enjoy it. The driver gave us lots of details regarding Jasper, elks, of which we saw two and their habitats etc. At Maligne Canyon we walked the upper reaches which we did not do yesterday!!

Home again. Most of us disembarked in Jasper. I bought fruit, cheese and crackers for our lunch. I walked back to our hotel and started to prepare lunch. Rachel soon returned. She had a really good morning doing the white water rafting.

We had our lunch and then drove to Cavell Mountain, Lake and Angel glacier. All dedicated to Nurse Cavell who during the1914-1918 World War saved many soldiers lives, British and  the enemy and was arrested and shot. We walked up the path leading to the lake and glacier. Water coming from the glacier came down and joined the Athabasca River. The lake had icebergs and the base of the mountain was pale blue- a really beautiful sight and I was so pleased to have seen it, appreciating the remembrance of Edith Cavell and I remember learning of her heroics at school some 60 years ago!!!

From there we drove to Athabasca Falls – white water rushing down some 100 feet or more- all this natural – contrast to mans effort.

Back to Jasper Rachel called in to see the prints of her white water rafting challenge – she collects her copies tomorrow when we leave for Lake Louise. I bought a pair of shorts!! Nice dinner of fish and chips.

Rachel rang Gladys Phelan only to find there are two Assiniboines. One prefixed by Fort and one by Mount. Of course we thought the latter and it brings back memories of Tom trying to to reach them at Mount Assiniboine when we were here in 1993!! Rachel has got things sorted now- we hope! but it does mean a detour from our itinary and we have booked another night here during next week to save time and petrol!!

Rachel’s Journal

I woke Mum at 7.00but she decided she didn’t want breakfast so I went down on my own – empty. Mum went off on a tour and I drove into Jasper to go white water rafting.

There was a group of 7 from Tennessee, 2 from Netherlands, 2 from Norfolk and me. We then met up with 3 from Edmonton with whom I shared a raft. The guide was born in Jasper and owned the company – lovely new mini busses to drive us 40 minutes to where we raft the Sunwapta River. A grade 3 river just south of Sunwapta Falls. It was really good.

Got back to Jasper about 12.30. Mum was back in the room. Had cheese and biscuits. Rang Dad at Caroline’s. Had long chat with both.

Drove down part of Icefields Parkway and turned right to go 14km up a switch back road to Mount Edith Cavell. We walked nearly 2km at foot of the Mtn and Angel Glacier. Absolutely amazing with glacial pond frozen. Very silent and peaceful. Drove back down the road and then to Athabasca Fall. Took lots of photos.

Drove into Jasper to order my photos of white water rafting. Mum bought a pair of shorts. Went back to the hotel and went for dinner. Mum had fish and chips and I had same as yesterday and 2 pints of beer.

Went back to room to phone Gladys. It turns out she as not anywhere near Mount Assinboine but over 700 miles north so I have to organise this in a different way. Decide to book in to the Sawbridge Hotel for Thursday night and then go up for Friday. Went down to sauna, whirlpool and Jacuzzi. Bed at about 10.pm.