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Monday 14th August 2000

Monday 14th August 2000

Grace’s Journal

I am writing this while flying home- we are now over Greenland. We left Calgary at 8.15pm -the time now is 1.42am.

We had breakfast at the Prince Royal Suites Hotel – the room consisted of kitchen, dining, bedrooms etc. so that guests could do their own thing – but Rachel and I only made tea and coffee. I made coffee on the last evening and Rachel said I took over an hour to do it!!

Let us get back to today, we woke about 7.30am, Rachel making tea and then we went down to breakfast. We then went to the car park and picked up all the goods we had collected over the 2 weeks, surprising what we have purchased! We commenced packing last evening and of course our cases were bursting at the ends.

We walked into Calgary to do some last minute shopping. Rachel buying walking shoes, I bought another T shirt for either Becky or Hannah as not too sure of the other I had bought. I purchased a sports shirt for Tom, blue with white stripes and various other goods for friends and family.

Back to the Hotel to pick up our account, we then spent some time in the bar. I had sherry. Rachel a coke and then we shared a pizza.

It was with regret that Rachel took back the Pontiac, she had enjoyed driving it. This was on our way to the airport. Previously we had visited a lovely park in Calgary, sitting in the sun which was quite powerful. Into the airport we went and soon we were waiting around in the departure lounge, again a big shopping area. We waited for our boarding cards and advanced to the departure lounge where we were able to buy duty free goods. I bought brandy and perfume. It wasn’t too long before we boarded the plane – our bags and cases had gone before and then our handbags and hand luggage were put through x ray, proving that no foreign matter e.g drugs, knives and scissors had been packed in them. At one time I wondered if the pen knives I had bought for Nicholas and Tom were in it but fortunately Rachel had made sure that they were put in my case.

Rachel’s Journal

Got up. Made mum a cup of tea. Had shower and washed hair. Had breakfast in lounge downstairs. Packed cases with everything from car.

Walked into Downtown Calgary and bought a pair of Reebok walking shoes $39.00. Back to the hotel to check out. Then sat in lounge and had a drink. and pizza. Drove to park and went for a walk and sunbathe in Prince Gardens. Hot.

Then at 3.30 headed off to the airport. Checked car in. Cases. Plane left at 8.30. Watched movie “Where the heart is” Didn’t sleep. Dad met us at 12.00. All well.